INFORM is an African initiative to harness the combined efforts of national malaria control programmes, researchers and other regional partners to assemble and package malaria information for efficient national decision making

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INFORM undertakes research on:

  • Mapping the intensity and seasonality of malaria transmission

  • Mapping populations at risk of malaria and their access to key interventions

  • Mapping the changing distribution of the Anopheles vector species

  • Urbanization and malaria

  • Climatic and socio-economic vulnerabilities relevant to malaria

  • The evaluation of the impact of malaria interventions

  • The synthesis of the research evidence to create country specific profiles

  • The history of malaria control in Africa

field lab 1950s
field lab 1950s
field lab 1950s

We believe that the future success of malaria control in Africa depends on the intelligent use of epidemiological evidence, moving away from the dogma that one size fits all.

Our ambitions are to use carefully assembled layers of data to help malaria endemic countries build an evidence platform to make sub-national decisions on the effective, efficient and equitable distribution of interventions to control malaria. We provide mapped products to national governments, assist in the use of the epidemiological evidence to design control and build a connection between the science of spatial epidemiology and the practicalities of policy decision making.